Working on Wenceslas

On a wing and a prayer....
Based in North Kent (UK), I have been making ceramic sculpture for ten years. The criteria for everything I make is that, if I hadn't made it and I saw it for sale, I would want to own it. Whether it is a commission, a gift or is ultimately to sell, this ensures that I continue to enjoy the process of creating unique, entirely hand-built pieces.

I have always dabbled in various types of art, mainly drawing, printmaking, photography and occasional painting, and studied Fine Art at Ravensbourne College of Art & Design (UK) in the early 1980s. After a chance conversation with a good friend, who was on an evening pottery class, I thought I'd give it a go too. Ten years later and here I am!

I enjoy every stage of making ceramics, from the interaction with other potters, the building, detail work, techniques of decoration, firing process and, of course, the end result. The latter is usually in the hands of the kiln gods and, most of the time, so far so good. Sometimes. you have to learn to love what it actually decides is the finished result, as very rarely is it what you originally envisaged. Patience and pragmatism all the way!

Ideas can come from anywhere. If I can see the (intended) finished result in my head straight away, it usually gets made. I've no idea why I lean towards beasts, gods and ancient warriors as my main subjects, it's just what appeals.

When I can, I like to exhibit my work as often as possible. I have exhibited for the past eight years as a member of the Brockley Potters Association and as part of the annual Sydenham Arts Festival's Visual Arts Trail. I hope to increase the amount of exhibitions I show at, especially as I have recently purchased my first home kiln and it likes to be fed on a regular basis.

I also take silicone molds of some of my pieces and cast them in resin and metal powders. These have been selling well for the past year on the website and are going from strength to strength. It's a great way to buy a limited edition version of one of my pieces. There are more molds and casts in the pipeline so, if that tweeks your interest, take a look at my Etsy page over at

For more information and anything you'd like to know about my work, forthcoming exhibitions, the website, Etsy etc., please do drop me a line in the 'contact' section.